Put a Pin on It – Halloween Spooktacular

You’re probably tired of hearing this every year, but just to review: I hate Halloween, I hate making food that prioritizes looks over taste, and I especially hate trying to make something look as cool as it does on Pinterest. So what did I choose for this week’s kid cooking class? Just an entire meal of cutesy, spooky food. It would be hard enough making it all myself, but supervising three 7-year-olds making eight different recipes in only 1½ hours seemed like pure crazy.

I tried to stay away from too much sweet stuff and stick to things that could be served for dinner. Here’s our menu – I’ve included links to the original recipes, but I didn’t always follow each recipe exactly.

Pinterest Fails

Surprisingly, only a few of our menu items could actually qualify for pinterestfail.com.

Mini Spider Pizzas This would not have been a fail if I had actually read the suggestion to put the olives on after cooking, but I really, really, really hate having to read through an entire blog post just to get to a recipe. Instead, I scroll as quickly as possible past the thirty two step-by-step pictures straight to the recipe at the end. That is how this:


became this:


The dough should have been rolled out more and the poor little spiders were torn limb from limb as they cooked. My husband came home later and said, “Oh, I didn’t even realize they were supposed to be spiders!” That’s how big of a fail this attempt was.

Cheesy Bones This was actually the most fun for the kids to make but for decency’s sake, I can’t post a picture of the finished product. I’ll let you use your imagination.


Carrot Pumpkins – Even a self-proclaimed carrot hater tried these, and we didn’t even lose any fingers!


Clementine Pumpkins – Easy peasy and everyone loves clementines.


Mummy Dogs – An oldie but goodie. Each kid had his/her own style. It might be predictable, but at least we didn’t make those horrible hot dogs made to look like human fingers. Those make me want to vomit.


Boo-nana Pops – How can you go wrong with white chocolate?

Candy Corn Jello Cups – (not to be confused with jello shots). I was worried about successfully layering these, but they’re pretty cute! Although, I doubled the recipe and still only had enough for six servings.


Spider Web Eggs – Full disclosure: the kids didn’t help with these. I meant to have them at least peel the eggs, but the look is totally ruined if you don’t peel very carefully, so I did it myself. The kids don’t like deviled eggs, so we just sent them home as-is, but look how cool they are!


My kitchen’s a giant mess, but it was totally worth it. I love all the cute stuff we made, and I especially love the little monsters who helped me. Look at them. With faces like these, who needs masks?



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