Gettin’ Jetty With It

Every December, I scramble to find the perfect calendar to hang up in my kitchen. You would think it would be simple, but it always seems like a monumental decision and I end up scrolling through page after page of options. For a few years, I stuck with the cute Play With Your Food calendars, but the novelty wore off and I had to move on. Then I found the Environmental Art calendar and haven’t looked back. I love it, my kids love it, my students love it – it’s a hit.

I think I like it so much because if I can hang interesting stuff on my wall, I seem more interesting, right? Of course, if I really stop to think about it, I realize that actual interesting people actually go outside their house to actually look at actual environmental art in real life. I started to feel like this print of Magritte’s The Human Condition (also hanging on my wall to make me seem more interesting).


We have actual environmental art here in Utah but for some reason, I haven’t managed to leave my humdrum couch to get out and see it in real life. Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty has been in the Great Salt Lake since before I was born and I finally decided to visit it.

As far as planning our trip and finding our way there, we found our best information here. Our phone maps told us it would take an hour longer each way than it actually took (2.5 hours each way). We also visited the Golden Spike museum since it was on the way (and we got our 7th grader some extra credit for it in his Utah Studies class).


The drive from the museum out to the Spiral Jetty isn’t as treacherous as some websites made it seem. It is very bumpy, so it was slow-going, but it wasn’t very tricky in our minivan. Parking seems like it would be fine on a normal day, but we happened to go the same day that the Utah Museum of Fine Arts scheduled a community meet up, complete with speakers, musicians, and a big bus (which luckily didn’t arrive until we were leaving).


I wandered out onto the jetty with the boys (which I thought was the coolest)while my husband listened to the presentation (which he thought was the coolest).

Not a bad way to spend a Saturday.


We definitely want to come back when we have more time, more boys, and fewer other people. This was much better than just looking at pictures. Who knew?


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