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Why on earth did I even go there? I have a strict rule against reading the comments section online and I broke that rule, all for a dumb blog post. I took detailed notes, thought through categories and types of comments, and tried to understand where every side was coming from so I could write a balanced, thoughtful post. But it just made me feel icky to repeat stuff I didn’t want to read in the first place and I felt guilty about subjecting others to the stupidity, anger, name calling, terrible spelling, and even poetry (poetry!! terrible, terrible poetry!) spewed on the screen by people feeling safe in anonymity.


Bottom line: Don’t Read The Comments! They represent only the fringiest members of each side: caricatures of liberals or conservatives, of religious or non-religious, Coke vs. Pepsi, you name it, who paint those who disagree with them as even more cartoonish. Reading the comments made me hate everyone and I don’t want to hate anyone. Well, except maybe the dude who wrote the poem. I kinda want to hate him. It was really bad.


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