The Purrfect Sandwich

I’m not a cat lover, much to my children’s disappointment. I’m pretty anti-pet anyway, but cats are extra high on the list of never-evers. I’m not uncomfortable around cats or anything, I’m just not interested in having one of my own. Our friend Meg, however, is a big cat fan. Meg is the one who convinced us to go to the Cat Cafe.


Apparently cat cafes are common in Japan, where Meg lived for a year and a half. She always regretted not visiting one there, so you can imagine her delight when she discovered one right around the corner from our hotel. My youngest two were also very excited.

Fritz studied the cat staff sign every time we passed, eventually deciding that Sophia (a male) was his favorite.


On the day of our visit, when I told him that’s where we were headed, he gasped and started running up the sidewalk, crying out, “Sophia! I’m coming!”

At the cafe, we were instructed to wash our hands and change from our street shoes into cat-friendly ones, which made me think these must be really special cats. Like, Fancy Feast commercial-quality cats. We were given a list of rules of behavior, including special instructions not to pull the cats’ tails and a disclaimer that any food stolen by the cats would not be replaced.

Then we entered the cafe where we found cats lounging on tables, chairs, cushions, and window ledges. Unlike dogs, which everyone knows are friendly and welcoming, these cats pretended not to even notice us. Sheesh! Stuck up much?

Of course, once Fritz pulled out the cat treats (you can order them from the menu), suddenly everyone was his best friend.

Even after the treats were gone, they could still smell traces and were all over him.


Meg and my third son Grub might have been jealous of all the attention Fritz was getting, but as soon as their ham sandwiches arrived, they were feeling the love too.

If you’re like me, you might be wondering how this can possibly be sanitary. Well, they did offer us a nice fur-guard for our beverages. There’s also a cat-free zone (a small room with glass walls) for those meanies like me who want to eat without cats climbing all over them.


The food wasn’t the greatest, but the experience was certainly memorable for Fritz and Grub. At one point, Fritz said, “This is the best day of my life! I love the Cat Cafe!” Meg said, “This is what I imagine heaven to be.”

Big O was not as impressed.



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