Return to the Scene of the Crime

For anyone who hasn’t heard the story of me being attacked by monkeys, you can read the long version here. Short version: the last time I was in Ubud, I visited the monkey forest with one piece of chocolate still in my bag, which the monkeys could smell. First one, then more, then a few dozen came at me again and again, baring fangs and claws and hissing at me. It was traumatic.

So guess where we went today?

This time I was extra careful – I brought nothing, emptied my kids’ pockets ahead of time, and even made Fritz change clothes because he had wiped his chocolate covered hands all over his other outfit at lunch. We saw a monkey steal chips out of a kid’s hands and another monkey attack a woman the same way I was attacked. We also saw several intense monkey fights, but we were mostly safe. (Here I am witnessing a monkey fight.)

One monkey bared his fangs briefly at Fritz, but it didn’t scare him because he was sure the monkey was smiling. “I speak monkey, so if you have any trouble understanding them, just come to me.”

There was also this incident. We’re not sure what this guy hoped to find.

Although the big, aggressive looking monkeys still freaked me out a bit, I forgot it all every time we saw one of the tiny babies because THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!

I liked it so much, I keep thinking, “Hey, we’re in Ubud for six more days. Fritz and I could walk here every day.” But then I think that just might be pushing my luck. I am glad I was able to make peace with the monkeys after all these years, if only to replace my traumatic memories of them with more pleasant interactions. This doesn’t mean that I trust them, though. I will never trust them.


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