Bali – Week 2

It’s been another week of trying new food, visiting cool places, and being attacked by several persistent bugs. Here’s a quick wrap-up of our second week. Gamelan is the main purpose of our trip, so it’s no surprise that we’ve been surrounded by it. When I don’t hear them practicing it or performing it, I still hear it running through my head. Although I’ve played it before, my main job this time is keeping Fritz occupied while the rest of my family plays. He has started to get interested in learning the last few days, though, so I might just have to jump in and use skills that have stayed dormant for fifteen years.

The students have performed at a few temple ceremonies, which is impressive considering fewer than half of them had ever played before coming here.


One of my sons has been learning Balinese dance and quickly discovered what I learned during my last visit, that it’s really hard!

We visited Lake Beratan for one of the performances and loved the gardens and the animals.

My son seems to be an expert at spotting lizards and frogs from far away, even when they’re camouflaged. We also saw a caged deer rubbing felt off of its antlers, which was a first for me.

We visited the Eka Karya Botanic Garden to see not only the gorgeous landscape but also this epic statue. What do you think? Christmas card picture?


For my oldest son’s birthday, we went to the Bali Arts Festival to watch a gamelan competition. Look at this crowd – I felt like I was back at Lollapalooza.

We arrived an hour early to get a seat, but the concert started an hour and a half late. They really tried to stay awake, but we couldn’t make it past the first two numbers.


The next morning, we woke up to read that a fire had started at 3:30 am in the shopping stalls at the arts festival. I was relieved that we had been too tired to shop the night before so I could be absolutely sure my kids had nothing to do with the fire…

In a few days, we leave Bangah and head to Ubud. It will be sad to leave all the people we have grown to love here. It will be a different environment – hotels, restaurants, and shopping. It will also be hotter and stickier, but I’m excited to see what adventures we’ll experience there.


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