Mind Your Manners

March Madness for Musicians means I don’t have a whole lot of time to report this week’s challenge. This is a lucky break for you reader, because this week’s challenge, while interesting for me to do, might not translate to an interesting read. But since I’ve never let that stop me before, here goes…

tom hanks

Every time I get invited to a fancy dinner, I think, “I really wish I knew anything about table manners.” I mean, I’m not exactly Ruprecht, but neither am I Martha Stewart.


After I went unprepared to yet another nice dinner last weekend, I decided to finally do some research and learn the dos and don’ts of dining. I watched many YouTube tutorials, which was more helpful than just reading articles like this one. (You mean to tell me that it’s impolite to relieve gas at the table? I wish someone would have told me sooner.) Ideally, I would have taken a class or something, but I had trouble finding one nearby. 


The videos helped me with most of my questions, especially the proper way to hold a fork and knife when cutting, or the placement of utensils on the plate when not in use. Sounds basic, I know, but I’ve never really been sure of myself in that department. Most of the advice offered seemed pretty obvious, which is reassuring. I guess I’ve absorbed more in my lifetime than I thought.


One thing I learned that was completely new to me: when someone asks for the salt, you pass both the salt and the pepper together because they’re supposed to travel around the table as a set. Or maybe you already knew that, smartypants.

After all this research, I think I should have a chance to try out my new skills in a real-life environment. Obviously this means my husband should take me out to a nice restaurant or two this weekend, just so I can practice and practice some more. Oh, how I suffer in my research efforts!


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