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How exciting – another post about another television show! Getting sick has forced me to choose blog challenges from the “Shows I Never Watched” section of my List. Because heaven forbid I should skip a week of trying new things just because I’m miserable.

Kids today just don’t understand what it was like when we were younger. Having to share a phone (attached to the wall) with your whole family, using White Out to fix your mistakes as you type a book report, having to knock on your scary professor’s door to ask a question instead of just sending an email. And what about television? Back when I was a teenager, if a new show came out that everyone was talking about, you had to make sure you were home right at that time to watch it, and if you happened to miss the first few episodes, you couldn’t just catch up with the rest of the world. You had to start midstream and try to figure out what you had missed.

I guess that’s what happened with me when Twin Peaks first came out. I didn’t know anything about it until it was too late (or too confusing) to start midstream. My husband loved it and has been bugging me for years to finally watch it, and I chose this time of convalescence to see what all the fuss it about.

log lady

Twin Peaks is weird. I’m no stranger to weird. I like weird. As a teenager, I loved True StoriesThe Hudsucker Proxy, PeeWee’s Playhouse, and Ed GrimleyMy husband is weird. My kids are super weird. So I was pretty comfortable with the weirdness of the show. In fact, to me, the weirdness was what kept me watching.


Cooper’s dream was creepy-weird, especially the way the voices were altered:

The room service guy’s non-reaction to Cooper being shot was quite funny:

And Albert’s speech was probably my favorite:

It’s just all the stuff that came between the good weird parts that I didn’t like as much. I get that they were going for some sort of stylized, soap opera-like feel, and that can account for a lot of the cheesy music and dialogue, but I could really only take so much of it, especially after they solved Laura’s murder.

What happened at that point? I’ve watched several series that are really good until they suddenly go off the rails during the last season (I’m looking at you, Alias), but I’ve never witnessed a show crumble into a confused, hot mess so quickly and so spectacularly as Twin Peaks did in the last eight episodes. In fact, I never could watch it to the end. I’d try for about ten minutes until I felt an actual fight or flight reaction come over me. I guess I’ll never know how the twelve rambling storylines that emerged suddenly and seemed to go nowhere ever wrapped up.

The last few episodes I did watch reminded me of the skits I used to make up with my siblings and cousins to perform for the adults. My sister and I were watching video footage of one of our backyard performances recently and wondered why six adults were willing to sit and watch something so lame, especially because neither of us would do the same for our own kids. We decided we must just have doting relatives who loved anything we did. Unfortunately, I did not feel the same loyalty to the residents of Twin Peaks.



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