I Said, “FOREIGN Films!”

I had such high hopes for this January. Hopes, goals, resolutions, whatever you want to call it, I was going to get it done, step it up, take it to the next level. I was going to be awesome. But then on the first day back to school, my youngest had to stay home sick, followed by constant illness rotating from kid to kid throughout the month. We’ve only managed to have six days all month without someone home sick from school. And now today, I’ve been slammed with whatever all these sickies brought into the house. Ok, January, I get it. You win. I’ve lost all my motivation, are you happy now?


Because January has defeated me, I didn’t stray far out of my comfort zone for this week’s post. In fact, it was pretty much right smack dab in the middle of my comfort zone. But it was my first time, and (and I cannot emphasize this enough) it is January, after all, so I’m going to cheat a little. This week I went to BYU’s International Cinema and I wondered why no one had told me about it sooner. Foreign films in cushy seats in an uncrowded, not-overly-air-conditioned room for free? If only I had known.

When we first moved back to Utah, I taught a Relief Society lesson in church (Relief Society is for all the women in the congregation). I was new in town and was very nervous. My lesson turned out to be a rambling mess, at least in my mind. For the entire week following, I replayed the experience over and over, picking apart every dumb thing I said or forgot to say. Eventually, my husband convinced me to just get over it and I was finally able to recover from my humiliation.

The next week, at a toddler playgroup, one of my neighbors pointed to another and said to me, “Did she tell you what we thought you said in your Relief Society lesson last week?” They proceeded to tell me that at one point when I said, “I like to watch foreign films,” everyone thought I said, “I like to watch porn films.” Yup, just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse.


I do like to watch foreign films, though, and that’s why this discovery makes me so happy. We went to see The Wind Journeys because it’s about Colombian vallanato music, which is something my husband teaches in his world music class. I have that one 1995 Carlos Vives album, so naturally I assumed I was an expert on vallanato.


But until I saw this movie, I had never realized that performances take the form of rap battles with accordions, with lots of bragging and smack talking. The film reminded me a lot of Oh Brother, Where Art Thou, with the troubadours’ odyssey taking them from one amazingly gorgeous part of Colombia to another, encountering strange or magical characters along the way.

I loved the movie and I’d tell you more, but right now my eyeballs are burning and I need more cough medicine. It’s really too bad I’m sick because I was honestly considering jumping into a frozen lake for my next challenge. Maybe I can try next year. There’s always the chance that January won’t be so bad, but who am I kidding?




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