From the Horse’s Mouth

So here’s an exercise in “How much do I trust this person?”: My cousin-in-law Keri (who helped me with my craft post and was the photographer for our self-defense classasked me if I wanted to go to “a bloggable event” with her that would make me like Halloween. I like Keri and thought I could trust her judgement, but a surprise event involving costumes? This would require a whole other level of trust. 

I mean, the possibilities were endless…scary movie, haunted forest, haunted zoo, haunted mansion…there’s no shortage of entertainment available for all those Halloween lovers out there. There are probably as many Halloween activities around as there are pumpkin-flavored everythings. And since I am not one of those Halloween freaks fans, none of the options I imagined were very appealing.

But I put my trust in Keri, grabbed my costume (who knew we would find so many uses for a horse mask?), and ventured into the unknown.


You can imagine my relief when I discovered I was actually going to a dinner party. Sitting and Eating? Those are my two favorite things! I found out this dinner is an annual tradition for the people at Keri’s work, hosted by one of those Halloween fanatics I’ve heard so much about. This was one of those parties you see in magazines or on Pinterest with elaborate decorations, creative activities, and even a smoke machine – the kind of stuff I think I should do but know I never will. As far as party planning goes, I could tell this was the Big Leagues.

The Lovely Hostess

The Lovely Hostess

The other guests knew this wasn’t your run-of-the-mill costume bash. These party goers went all out making their costumes by hand just for this party.


We all voted for the best costume (someone even cast a pity vote for me, if you can believe it) and the winner received pretty much the best trophy I’ve ever seen.


I had a hard time deciding between the Dr. Seuss Duo (or is that a Trio?):


The Oompa Loompas:


and the winners, Raggedy Ann and Andy (all made by hand, even the wigs):


Of course, Keri’s costume and makeup were pretty impressive as well. I felt sorry for dragging her down with my dumb mask.


For dinner, we ordered from these menus, not knowing what we were in for.


Our first order determined which outlandish utensil we would use to eat the rest of our dinner. Luckily, my choice (an ice cream spade) turned out to be pretty safe. Others were not so lucky – potato mashers, tongs, slotted spoons, even a measuring cup.

I think I made the right choice (on the left).

I think I made the right choice (on the left).

Probably not best for soup, but these tongs were pretty good pie grabbers.

Probably not best for soup, but these tongs were    pretty good pie grabbers.

We took our chances again and again as we ordered our drinks, salads, soups, main course, and desserts, all prepared and served by our hostess’s lovely family members. But really, we were safe with anything we ordered because everything was delicious.



After dinner, we played games like Name That Tune (trust me, if you ever play this game, you want Keri on your team), Name That Candy Bar (not as easy as it looks – has anyone actually seen an Idaho Spud outside its wrapper?), and a trivia game (I know my Utah facts but that’s about it).



Not only did all of Keri’s co-workers make me feel at home, I was also amazed that all these people who are stuck at work together all week not only get along, they actually seem to like hanging out with each other! From my limited experience of working at an actual job, that’s pretty impressive.

This party was the perfect way to kick off the month of October. I even found myself kind of liking Halloween. Who knows, maybe I’ll even decide to come up with a real costume in the next few weeks. What? It could happen.


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