So Unoriginal

I stumbled on something that kind of ruined my whole week. While doing some reading for what was supposed to be my next challenge, I made a terrible discovery: someone else had already done my blog. Okay, not exactly, but after only a few minutes’ reading of her book I felt like a giant copycat.


Since I had never heard of the book or blog I knew that I wasn’t actually stealing her ideas, but that didn’t prevent me from feeling pretty dumb that it had never occurred to me to do a quick google search to see if there were other blogs around about people trying new things. So this week, even though it was painful to realize just how unoriginal I am, I checked out a whole crop of others who did exactly what I’m doing.

There are several “try new things” blogs out there by women and men who are younger than I am and older, trying new things, trying scary things, exploring New York or exploring the world, all searching for adventure, growth and happiness. Not only did I feel silly about my lack of originality after reading these other blogs, I felt pretty lazy as well. Some of these folks were challenging themselves daily and here I was patting myself on the back for getting around to something once a week?

I tried to see if there was some connection between us, something to explain the sudden need to change our lives one new thing at a time, but there was no simple answer. Maybe instead of seeing my need to expand my experiences as unoriginal, I could look at it as universal. People need to grow and change, and I just happened to choose one method of growth that others have chosen as well. Children face new challenges every day but growth tends to level out as we age. Most of us in our adult life have settled into patterns and schedules and often go years without noticing the routine of it all. But then when we do, when we stop to see how deep our ruts are in the road, we have to decide if we want to change anything. Pulling a wagon out of a rut is much more difficult than just letting it continue in its accustomed path, and sometimes it’s easier or less painful to let it stay as-is for a while. It’s actually comforting to me that there are others who have felt the pull between the comfort of the familiar and the lure of the unfamiliar and lived to tell the tale.

I’ve been having trouble getting motivated to do any blogging the last few weeks. I blamed it on time constraints (even though I’ve stuck to my schedule during much busier weeks) but maybe I hit a wall because I reached the one year mark. What if that’s the shelf life of something like this? Has my experiment run its course? I started to think, all these other blogs only lasted one year, maybe I should just follow suit. Then again, if I use that as a reason to quit after only a year, that would just make me a big, fat copycat.


3 thoughts on “So Unoriginal

  1. Humdrum…before I started my try something new everyday blog I researched and did find others had already had my same thought. At first, I was put aback. How dare someone already have my engenious idea!! lol. After a day of being bummed I realized we each will have a different take on life. Even if we happen to try the same something new (by design or organically inspired), we each will have our own original point of view. We both could decide to write about jumping out of an airplane. You could write about the exhilarating free fall and I would write about the monster wedgey no one tells you about. We all have a voice…we each are unique…even if we share the same unoriginal idea. Keep at it dude. 🙂

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