My Year of Living Dangerously

It’s May 3rd, and I know no one needs to be reminded of its significance, but I’ll tell you just in case. May 3rd marks the one year anniversary of my first ever post on my first ever blog. I know it’s not a big deal to anyone else, but to me this blog has been a life-changer. Before it, I was a lazy, grouchy couch potato whose only interests were work, food, and movies. Now I’m still kind of lazy and grouchy and I still like my couch a lot, but I also get off my couch and do stuff. Doing stuff has taught me that I’m capable of more than I think I am, it has helped me to see things from a different perspective and understand others’ points of view, and it has been so much fun.

You know those episodes on old sitcoms that weren’t actual episodes but just vehicles to show clips from older episodes? Apparently they’re called clip shows (see, I’ve learned so many important things this year), and they were always the most annoying episodes to watch. Well guess what? I’ve created my very own Humdrum Stick-in-the-Mud clip show. It’s totally self-indulgent of me, but aren’t all blogs self-indulgent by nature?


Thanks But No Thanks

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Some of my attempts this year were not very successful. For example, although I had always assumed it would be the case, I learned the hard way that country dancing is not for me. Also, I think we can all agree that the world would be a better place if I never, ever decorate another cake.


And although I really tried, I just don’t think I will watch zombie movies,The Titanic, or Saturday’s Warrior ever again. You can’t make me.

Yes, Please

I’m starting to get myself in trouble because I’ve liked so many things I’ve tried this year and there’s just not room on the calendar or in the budget for me to go back to do them regularly, as much as I’d like to try. How will I make time to do Prancercize with the neighborhood ladies and challenge the Mister Wives at Trivia Night? And does anyone know where can I find a good deal on snowshoes?

I Can do Hard Things

I swore I would never eat sushi but I did. I was never going to run a 5K but I did. And I found that the most difficult challenges were those which forced me to face my fears and insecurities.

Wait, I take that back. The most difficult week by far was when I had to read all those gossip magazines.



Often some of my favorite things to try weren’t necessarily my favorites to write about, maybe because writing about them wouldn’t do them justice. I loved the day I spent watching opera all by myself, but my other favorites were the most memorable because of the people I was with: Racquetball with my kids, self-defense classes with friends and family, and karaoke with my siblings.


If you ask my family, my youngest son’s favorite challenge was the two weeks I spent in his world. He still tells his friends all the time that his mom “researched Pokemon“. Another son told me his favorite week was spent sitting around watching all the Harry Potter movies. And although my husband has enjoyed most of the challenges this year almost as much as I have, his favorite is still the time we went to the roller derby. (He’s worried this sounds lecherous – he appreciated the sport, ok?)


Some posts weren’t necessarily interesting to other people but were the most fun for me to write, like this one about scalpels, this one about Korean dramas, this one about 80’s television, this one about our first date,  and this one about my brush with death.

Some challenges were life-changing for me and my family. This year I found out that, contrary to what I had known to be absolutely true, I actually can give blood and I really do like genealogy. Because of a blog challenge, I now exercise in public all the time without panicking. And because of another blog challenge, our family (especially my husband) now looks for ways to bike or walk instead of driving whenever possible.


Did I start this blog as some sort of turning-40-freakout? Maybe, but I can think of worse mid-life crises. It’s been a pretty great year and I’ve still got a long list of things to try, so I’m not quitting anytime soon. Thanks for indulging me on this clip show, and thank you for indulging me all year by reading about my adventures.


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