So Much Merry

For many years our family sent out Christmas cards, each one getting more complicated and more strange than the one before. Eventually we found it difficult to create something even more weird than the previous year so we gave up.

This year we decided to stop being slackers and get some cards mailed out. Then I decided to scan, organize and document all our past cards and put them all in one place (here). This post is entirely self-serving – it was so fun to look back and see our boys change and grow through the fourteen years and we loved re-reading old newsletters and remembering what life was like when we were all much younger. But even if this week’s challenge was just an excuse for me to get organized, I still hope these cards will bring you some Christmas cheer.

So here we go. Merry Christmas from our family to yours x 11. (Click on each picture to enlarge.)

2000 – Our first Christmas card. It’s a totally boring JCPenney portrait studio awkward photo. It looks like I went out of my way to look pale and severe. Am I wearing a turtleneck? And what’s up with my hair? But I love how it shows that my baby’s cheeks were so chubby we could hardly see his eyes.


2001Someone apparently didn’t like being squished in that little photo booth.


2002 – We started getting a little bit fancy.


2003 – I had a brand new baby so I let my husband do all the planning, making and mailing of the cards this year. He went all out and designed something involving lots of cutting, folding and gluing. All those folds didn’t make scanning it very easy but you get the idea.


IMG_0006Christmas Card 2003 int

2004 – The inside says, “Hope you get what’s coming to you!” My oldest looks grouchy because he didn’t approve of the concept for the card.


2005 – Apparently we made a card this year. I don’t remember it at all, so maybe we just made it but didn’t send it. I’m not sure, but here it is.

christmas card 2005

2006 – This was my favorite card. I came to my husband with a crazy idea and he made it happen. Since I’m completely clueless when it comes to photoshop, I will forever be impressed that he pulled it off. Also, look at my third son’s toes!!!

Christmas Card 2006 p1

2008 – The last card we sent out was in 2008 when I was pregnant with my youngest son. It was a tri-fold brochure advertising our fictional family band’s performances in Branson, Missouri. Unfortunately, a few recipients actually believed it was true and asked us years later how our band was doing. It was my one and only time wearing false eyelashes.

Christmas Card 2008 final 03 p1Christmas Card 2008 final 03

2010 – In an attempt to scale down the work of mailing a card, we created an online presentation which, as you will see, did not scale down the weirdness at all. By the way, the SPACU Facebook page is real. Let me know if you are interested in joining.

2012 – This time we tried to make our Christmas card in video form. It was the year I spent most of Christmas sick in bed so all the work was done by my husband and kids. I have to say that I was pretty impressed by their skills. Maybe we should start a real family band.

2014 – This year we decided to keep it simple so we ordered our cards through Costco. My boys were good sports although they each look a little bit like Ruprecht in this picture. This time my turtleneck was ironic. Also interesting to note that this is the first card we’ve mailed out that includes our youngest son. It’s like he’s now officially part of our family.


I think now that we’ve gone to the trouble of retrieving all the addresses we somehow lost in the past six years we’d probably better continue the tradition of mailing out cards again next year. Let us know if you’d like to be added to the list. Until then, please accept our warmest wishes for happiness, love, good food, and especially good music. Merry Christmas!


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